Re: [Harp-L] Aluminum Combs

It is important that a harmonica comb is absolutely flat, to  stop leakage 
of air between the comb and the reed plates. In my opinion it is  also 
important that the comb does not swell or contract too much particularly  when it 
gets wet and then dries out. Metal combs if well made, solve those  
Some people also believe that a metal comb produces a brighter  tone. In 
tests however it has (mostly) been proved that the AUDIENCE can not  tell the 
difference between identical harmonicas that have been constructed with  
different comb materials. It is possible though that the player may be able to  
do so.
Some harmonica technicians say that, although in no way does  the comb act 
as a "sound box" as in a guitar or violin, the reflectivity of the  metal 
comb's air channels may contribute to a brighter tone.
Metal combs often have a nice heavy feel to them, I like that  in my 
If available, I personally if given a choice will always chose  a metal 
comb for my harmonicas.
Best wishes,
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now deep in the English countryside.

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What  advantage is an aluminum comb, or brass ,or any  metal?

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