re: [Harp-L] Optimized Blues Tuning

thanks for the tuning.

what i like for blues is the circular or spiral tuning (like seydel makes
and your website talks about) which has a complete major scale without bends
starting with the root note on 2 draw. so you have all 7 modes available if
you wish to play in different positions

the reeds on the seydel didn't last well for me so i completely retune lee
oskars to the circular tuning.

but for blues i flatten the 3 seventh notes on the circular tuning - the 2
blow, 5 draw and 9 blow to give you the myxolydian mode without bending. but
all the bends are there, too.

with the circular tunings all 10 draw notes are bendable.

i also half valve my harps so all the blow notes are bendable also.

for major tunes i just use the standard circular tuning with the valves -
also in 2nd position starting on 2 draw.

and for minor tunes i take the circular tuning which has the complete minor
scale without bends starting on 1 draw and move it up one hole higher so it
starts on 2 draw.

so all my playing is in 2nd position - major, minor and blues since that
position lays out best on a 10 hole harp - since you have 3 root notes, 2
complete octaves going up the scale, 3 notes below 2 draw and 3 notes above
the highest root note.

this system requires a lot of tuning work and more harps to own but it's
worth it for me to play just in 2nd position - for example i have a D harp
for major, one for blues and one for minor

this tuning is easily done by dropping solder on the reed tip

to me the circular tuning is really logical and easier to play


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