[Harp-L] Aluminum Combs

Hello fellow harp enthusiasts:


Many of you are aware of the fact that I have been working on Aluminum
combs.  Well, they are almost ready.  I posted a couple of pictures on
Facebook.  The picture quality is not great because they were taken with my
phone.  http://www.facebook.com/groups/170410456333975/

I also taped a video of them being cut so if you would like to see a
MS-Series comb come to life out of a block of aircraft grade aluminum, take
a look at the YouTube video below.


I have had 100 aluminum combs made:

.         25 Golden Melody

.         25 Marine Band Deluxe

.         25 Special 20

.         25 MS-Series


They will be available in the natural Silver of aluminum and Candy Apple
Red.  They will be priced at $27.95 for the Silver and $29.95 for the Red.


I also had 10 brass combs cut for the Marine Band Deluxe, seven of which are
spoken for - so that leaves three combs available.  Brass combs are four
times as expensive to make compared to the aluminum combs.  I only had 10
made because I wasn't sure about the demand.  However if the demand is
there, I can get the cost lowered considerably with a volume purchase in the
future.  I will let the brass combs go for $55.00.


I'll be listing the combs on eBay in about 10 days.  If you are interested
in buying one you can go through eBay or if you are comfortable doing so,
you can order through me.  I have both PayPal and Google Check-Out accounts.
In addition, I am close to finished with a new website.  Hopefully in about
2 weeks.  www.florida-trader.com

Lastly, by popular request, I am in the process of building combs for Lee
Oskars and Suzukis.  They will be available in wood and acrylic at first and
then, hopefully aluminum (and perhaps brass)

Please feel free to email me at harpcombs@xxxxxxxxx if you have any


Thanks for your support.





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