[Harp-L] conspiracy credit

It's just a little re-distriribution of wealth, that's all, you silly north-americans. Follow your dreams, and do not complain - you got shelter, food and someporn to love, plus bankruptcy laws, if worst come to worst... All you other third-worlders (as there is no "second-world", really) - just follow your dreams and choose to enjoy life. After all, you say you have $ 200 to spend on a harp, right? 

Re: [Harp-L] Conspiracy credit 
I agree Jarret! Great reedsn and innovation. As for people that are angry
and bent out of shape.

Life comes and goes. We win we lose. We can choose to be angry or we can
choose to enjoy this life as we only have one.

I've lost money before. It's not a big deal. If you have $200 to spend on a
harp then you can't be hurting all that much. If you have food, shelter and
love in your life than you have little reason to complain. We silly North
Americans. No perspective.

I bet nobody feels worse than Brad!!!

Nice try Brad. At least you followed your dream. Inevitably some are

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