[Harp-L] Harmonica Happenings Summer Issue

Hi all,

Well, first the debt ceiling debacle, then Standard & Poor's and now this: apparently the Unites States Post Office has "temporarily misplaced" the Summer issue of Harmonica Happenings. My apologies to all of those who've been waiting and wondering. We've been doing our best to stay on the USPS and find out what happened and get those issues delivered, but they are obviously not going to get to many people (if any people at all) before the convention. Actually, that's not entirely true: the foreign issues (Canada, Europe, etc) went out and have been arriving on schedule; it's "only" the US issues they can't locate.

I'll update everyone when I know more. Hit me up directly if you have more questions: hheditor@xxxxxxx or hh@xxxxxxxxx

See y'all at SPAH,


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