[Harp-L] My take on Harrison

Since joking about the tshirts, I have gotten many offlist replies.  I
thought in case Brad was reading, I should put out my official
perspective so he doesn't feel disrespected.

I admire Brad.  He dreamt big, gave it a great shot but failed which
is more than most of us can say about our dreams.  He created some
great harps.

However, at least once a week for the last couple of years, people
have publicly complained about the lack of customer service on
multiple harp forums.  He must have known what people were saying.

At a certain point, bite the bullet and have a personal phone call
with everyone who ordered a harp explaining that he bit off more than
he could chew and it will take a long time (read many years) to fill
all the orders and that there will not be a refund because the money
is already spent.  Then he should have said, "Forgive me please and
hate me if you cannot."  Then, allow the person to respond.

Every order deserved that call.  He blew it there.

And that's my take on it.  Now can we please get back to why you hate overblows?
Michael Rubin

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