[Harp-L] re: Suzuki SCX 64 - problem - looking for input

Hi Pete,
While I am not familiar with the type of valve Suzuki uses this could be a simple minor issue with a valve.
Mercifully it if often an outside windsaver that is theproblem and very easily fixed. I say
leave it alone until u get to SPAH.
Hope to see you there,

 but I
suspect one of the gaskets (windsavers) internally is malfunctioning.

I clean and tweak my diatonics, and have had great success with Suzuki
Promaster 350 harps, which is why I went for the Suzuki chromatic. The 350s
play easily, bend well, and have a decent tone (different I think than
other, but good).

My first question: Is this likely to be just a minor tweak to reset (I know
that you'll not be able to say so without seeing it, but if you've had a
similar experience, that's a good clue)? Should I look to factory repair

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