[Harp-L] Suzuki SCX 64 - problem - looking for input

Hey everybody

I've been playing Diatonic for almost two years, and recently ordered a
Suzuki Chromatix SCX 64 V2.  Got it through Rockin Ron's in record time at
record price.  I've found one of the holes to have a buzz and it won't play
correctly.  The slide is good, mouthpiece good, and it seems solid, but I
suspect one of the gaskets (windsavers) internally is malfunctioning.

I clean and tweak my diatonics, and have had great success with Suzuki
Promaster 350 harps, which is why I went for the Suzuki chromatic.  The 350s
play easily, bend well, and have a decent tone (different I think than
other, but good).

My first question:  Is this likely to be just a minor tweak to reset (I know
that you'll not be able to say so without seeing it, but if you've had a
similar experience, that's a good clue)?  Should I look to factory repair

I'm not worried over a few bucks one way or the other, and I'll be at SPAH
later this week, so perhaps I'll just and ask for some input there.  Any
suggestions in that regard?

Suzuki's warranty:

Suzuki Harmonica Limited Warranty Suzuki Harmonicas are warranted to be free
from manufacturing defects for *one (1) year* from the original date of
purchase. Harmonicas found to contain manufacturing defects will be, at
Suzuki's discretion, repaired or replaced at no charge providing the
harmonica is shipped to the Suzuki Customer Service Center, prepaid. *A copy
of the original purchase receipt is required.*

Harmonicas are not warranted for normal wear and tear, for physical damage,
abuse or modifications not performed by Suzuki.

*Return Procedure:*
If it becomes necessary to return your Suzuki harmonica, you must FIRST call
for a return authorization number (RA#). Harmonicas returned to Suzuki
without an RA# will *NOT* be accepted.
  *Call Suzuki Customer Service:*
M-F, 8:00-5:00 Pacific Standard Time.  1-800-854-1594
So, If this was yours, would you open it up, or ship it back immediately?
Will is void the warranty by seeing if I can fix it myself?  Is Suzuki a
stickler on this?

Thanks for your input.

Peter Langlois, Leesburg,

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