Re: [Harp-L] Uncompleted orders

I have two on order.  Last I heard they were for August delivery.  *Sigh*.

I'm disappointed about the whole HH situation, but I'm too ignorant of the
facts to jump in on all the invective being thrown about.  Clearly there
were some problems bigger than could be resolved, and if I was to feel the
need to blame somebody, I could cite a few facts, then rant about them.  But
forget it.  If I did that it would just be venting, and not really useful to

The story is not over.  I believe in holding individuals accountable for
their actions, and I'm not looking forward to being stiffed.  But I'm just
running my mouth if I pretend that I know what motivates someone else, or
assume that I would have made a different decision faced with the same
knowledge and fact.

Yes, I live in a country (I know this list is international) where your
right to scream half informed claims from the rooftop is the law, and I
respect and support that.  I probably won't listen to that nut on the roof.

I ordered 3 harps (far lower cost) from another company who designed their
harps in the USA and had them assembled in China.  Parts came from Japan and
elsewhere.  They got pretty good reviews (for what that's really worth).
That company's owner told me that just the cost of having a die to press out
covers cost tens of thousands of dollars.  After 3 months without delivery,
I cancelled my order, and got my money back.  To my knowledge, they have
still not gotten their production issues straightened out.

I have the luxury of working for a NYSE company which asks me to create new
businesses, so I study lots of start ups and new concepts.  It's never (and
I mean never ever) just a case of a good business plan, good knowledge of
the industry, or good people.  You can have all that and flop.  Very much
can go wrong with creating any new business.  The story of most overnight
successes includes years when nobody knew squatoosh about the company, with
individuals investing their personal fortunes, and changes in strategy and
direction.  Its very easy to assume we know it all about HH, but I'm
skeptical about any claims to that effect.

Peter Langlois, Leesburg, VA

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> I wonder how many people are still waiting to get their B-radical
> harmonicas?
> Paul N.
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