I believe I was one of the first to place my order with Harrison in June of 2009. Initially I ordered two harps and then increase my order to the five harps that were available. I payed for all five harps up front in an effort to give this nascent company some cash flow and hoped it would give them some encouragement to be successful.

I also did this because I am a risk taker, always have been and always will be. I live by the axiom "If your not living on the edge you're taking too much room." I just love encouraging people that have a vision much larger than mine. I could feel the passion and commitment in Brad's marketing and sales pitches about his new harps and always hoped for the best for him and his company. I sensed the agony,hardships, hard work, decisions, trials and whatever else he was going through to make his company succeed and to fulfill his promises to the customers who believed in him.

To date I received four of the five harps that I ordered. At this point I feel very fortunate that I received that many , now I'm only out about $160.00. I can live with that because I also have four of the best harps I ever played. There has been enough wonderful things said about B-Rads that there's no need for me to elaborate.

Sure, myself and may others have not received what we expected but without a doubt I don't think this was Brad's motive or expectation. He didn't start Harrison Harmonicas with the intent to cheat us out of our money. Sure he made mistakes and questionable decisions but also I firmly believe he dedicated these past few years of his life to build the best innovated Harp ever. I think he succeeded in doing just that. Did he accomplish this in an economical manner? Obviously not! Financially he failed. I don't know if I can completely imagine the blood sweat and tears and toil he experienced, the sleepless night and aggravation that he went through. I'm sure he was totally committed for complete success.

I don't mean to be or intend to be an apologist for Brad and his failures. I still have hope that whoever takes over his business will complete the orders that were placed, but that remains to be seen.

A Lot of you are bitter and you certainly have a right to be. You feel that you've been cheated and you have if you didn't receive your harps.
As for myself, I got over it. Hey life goes on doesn't it. I licked my wounds and look for something to make me happy.

I don't know Brad from a hole in the wall but if I were to meet him anywhere the first thing I would do is shake his hand and wish him the best of everything in Life and and in future endeavors. Why? Well he tried and failed but at least he tried and took the associated risks involved.
It takes a lot of courage guts dedication money devotion and more than I can think of right now to start the challenge and an innovative company as he did.

He's my HERO!!


Disclaimer. Never met the guy just know him from this list.

If you Love the Blues
Honk A Harrison

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