[Harp-L] Harrison Harps

Like most people with the inspiration and perspiration to create Brad needed the same people to run his company.
There were too many vendors and departments for him to oversee entirely by himself. Maybe he micromanaged too much.
I saw an ad online last fall when I was laid off from work. HH was looking for harmonica techs. Had I lived closer I might have taken
the position.

There is a shared loss here. He gave up a lifestyle, a marriage to pursue a dream of making the perfect harmonica.
He waited more then 10 years to make the dream happen. Some of you waited more then 2 years to share in it.

The dream may live on but perhaps without Brad. Who knows. The mfg. that bought out HH may have kept Brad on as
consultant and quality control man. Some companies do keep the CEO on board when they buy out a speciality business.
Brad is the only guy in the US that has full knowledge of actually making a harmonica from start to finish. I don't mean book knowledge, I mean hands on. The buyer would be foolish not to offer a position to Brad as part of the sales agreement.

Besides his reed making tool is one of a kind. The heart of the HH, the reed, will live on.

Let's give the new company time to set up shop and see what will transpire.

I understand the anger, frustration and mistrust most of his customers may feel toward him but very few if any of us could have carried the dream that far on our own.
Perhaps he will learn from the mistake. It took many mistakes to design a radical reed. The best visionaries in business made many mistakes along the way.

Michael Easton www.harmonicarepair.com

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