RE: [Harp-L] Harrison Harps new owner ?

Maybe Lee Oskar ?
I hope so.

I really feel sorry for the persons who have ordered and seem to be in the
dark today.
I have to say I also feel sorry for Brad. I don?t know him, but I guess he
must be in a difficult situation, and very disappointed.
I would like to testimony that he had a great concept. 
A friend of mine has one of his harps and I had the pleasure to test it few
days ago. It?s really a great harp !

I have to say I haven?t ordered a B Radical because I wanted to wait for
Brad to have a stock.
Today, I don?t know if I should be pleased about my decision, or sorry
because I will probably never get a B Radical.
Using a great handmade customized harmonica, the best I?ve ever played with
(for those who are interested, this one :
uemart&Itemid=27 ), I know how a great harp can change a lot of things, and
drastically help a player to improve.
I would really have loved to own a B Radical.
Not being one of Brad's clients, I don?t want to add anything concerning the
actual situation, I would just like to confirm I?ve been extremely impressed
by the instrument Brad has realized and I hope it will still exist in its
exact actual form. If that is the case, I'll be the next client, once the
stock is done. 

Best regards, and best wishes to all of you,


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They aren't American though. The letter said it was an American

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