[Harp-L] Harrison

Indeed,a sad development folks!
Just thought I would pipe in with my experience in the quest for that elusive harp.
Like alot of the expectant customers,I have been waiting nigh on 2 yrs for a single harp.
My girlfriend paid the pre order sum and since then we waited,with virtually no correspondence with, nor information from the company.
Maybe 2 weeks ago I sent a post to this forum (perhaps the last post re Harrison on harp-l,prior to todays thread) asking if anybody had heard anything new.
Evidently noone had, but the one reply I received (off line) was very prophetic.The lister whose name escapes me now (but would have remained anonymous anyway) informed me that he had recently received his harp, but his feeling was that the company might go belly up anytime, or would most probably require a take over by one the the established harmonica manufacturers to sustain the harp.
I have read the thread with keen interest and do feel a little aggrieved but will hold out in hope, just a little bit longer (sounds like a Frankie Valli line somewhat!!).
Ps,  maybe I dreamt this ,,but I thought one of the most respected customisers was being taken on board to help the operation along???

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