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One of my techniques is to wait patiently at the bar, sipping a scotch, listening to the band to determine if THEY are any good, sizing them up to see if they seem friendly, then when they take a break I pull out a harp and start playing. I do not approach them, I let them approach me. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.
A good example of this was at SPAH somewhere around 1998. I was in Saginaw, staying at the Crown Plaza. I was on a business trip and when I checked in and saw that SPAH was holding the meeting there I was on cloud nine. So I went to my room, grabbed some harps an went to the bar. It was Thursday night and people were just arriving.
While sitting at the bar I sized up the situation. I did not recognize anyone and they all seemed a little quiet. So I pulled out a harp and ripped into some Charlie McCoy song and played all the way through. Everyone applauded and started coming up to me asking who I was. When I told them that I was not there for SPAH they refused to believe me.
I met a couple of folks that I had heard of but did not know their faces.
A dude from Harp City (I think) and I cannot recall his name handed me a low D harp and gave it to me and asked if I would play it and give myy feedback. Well, meantime in walks Jimmy Gordon. I noticed that people recognized him and you would have thought God himself had just walked in. Jimmy walked right over to me and started playing his harp necklace. We began a dialog and he said to the bartender "I am buying this guy his drinks, he is my new best friend". We partied well into the night. I will never forget it. Unfortunately I had to leave the next day.
I used this while travelling to places where I did not know anyone. If I am at a place where I know folks, I either get asked to play or not and I never push myself on anyone.

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> I feel there's no risk to my gig, because the person with the power to hire
> can tell who has talent for future opportunities.
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