Re: [Harp-L] Last Waltz outtake

Bill Hines writes:
"I've always wondered why Caldonia is on the OST but not on the film

Levon Helm has a great story in his bio about how they tried to yank
Muddy out of the lineup for the Last Waltz and some key individuals
(including Levon) said they would boycott and refused to allow it. He
talks about how Muddy was kind of disrespected as well, there was only
one camera running for his performance rather than the scores of them
with different angles, etc that the other artists had. If that camera
had failed, we'd have no Muddy and the rendition of Mannish Boy that did
make the film was amazing to me. I was very happy to see this cut,
another with Butter on harp!

Great story, Bill. I would only add that it was the great Hungarian cinematographer, László Kovács who instinctively kept that lone camera running. László filmed many classic movies, and is credited with many cinematographic innovations and especially memorable film sequences. Another example: László was the Director of Photography for the classic movie, "Easy Rider." If you recall the ending to that famous film, you will remember the fantastic scene, shot from a helicopter, ascending above and away from Peter Fonda's burning chopper. There was the chance for only one take and László nailed it as usual. László left this world in 2007, but he lives on through his many great films.

Thanks for reminding, me, Bill. And thanks, László.


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