[Harp-L] Harmonica Quartet From Montreal

D'Harmo's self-titled debut is up on itunes for your enjoyment.  - http://itunes.apple.com/ca/albâum/dharmo/id454744509?ign-mpt=âuo%3D4

About D'Harmo: 

Delightfully quirky, yet musically sophisticated, DâHarmo was formed as a special project for Torontoâs Ashkenaz Festival and brings together four of the finest harmonica players on the Quebec music scene. This genre-bending quartet featuring the entire range of the harmonica family (diatonic, chromatic, bass and chord) delves into an entirely original repertoire steeped in Jewish and Quebecois folk musical traditions fused with jazz, blues and the avant-garde. DâHarmo showcases the harmonica prowess of Levy Bourbonnais, Samuel Caron, Jason Rosenblatt and Pascal Veillette whose combined skill along with an energetic and humourous stage performance has managed to garner the sensemble quite a bit of attention since itâs inception in 2010.  DâHarmo has had the opportunity to perform at such notable festivals as The Toronto Jazz Festival, The Montreal Jewish Music Festival and The Ashkenaz Festival.

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