[Harp-L] Harrison Fraud

Gee we are all screwed by Harrison. I e-mailed the following message and got an immediate auto reply advising that they think they are off  the hook.

"Ok. Well. who is this new "company?" I received e-mails from you stating that my harmonicas were in the final stage of production and you requested payment. I made those payments.  This is consumer fraud.  What ability do you have to refund my money? I will not wait for the new "company" to delver."

Too bad Brad was not straight up about the problems. I paid out on a recent representation that my harps were about done. I have saved all the e-mails. Clearly those were lies and this company  was insolvent when it requested payment. Only a few weeks ago Brad Harrison said that I could send back the one of the three harps that I did get for repair.  Glad I held on to it.

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