[Harp-L] Starting Soon: online & interactive Jazz Harmonica Master Classes!

Hi dear harmonica players,

I’m quite thrilled to be in São Paulo and lot’s of things are happening here right now. Having a great internet connection opens up some new possibilities. 

One of the things I really wanted to start doing for a long time already, is to do private Skype lessons and online Master Classes for larger groups. The first private Skype lessons are starting now with 4 people from all over the world.

And, yesterday I got green light to be a “performing artist” on a great platform called StageIt (www.stageit.com). Today I participated in their “new artist walkthrough” which helped me a lot to be prepared to start “LIVE Online Master Classes” (and online shows at a later stage).

What is a Master Class?
The current plan (but I’m open for any ideas from your side) is to do master classes of max. 45 minutes around specific topics/tunes as published on Effortless Harmonica. I’ll publish the topics of every master class at forehand and during the broadcast you can ask questions (through the chat functions that the platform offers) and I can do detailed demonstrations of playing techniques, ways to approach songs, ways to approach harmonies, etc. There will also a topic that allows you to ask any question you want.

What’s the price of attending a Master Class?
The price to attend a masterclass will be as little as 10 dolars (the currency on StageIt is a “note”, 10 notes are equivalent to 1 dolar). From these 10 dolars, 40% will go to StageIt (they cover all bandwidth, transactions, accounting and all the operations associated with keeping the lights on) and 60% will be left for me to further invest in the Effortless Harmonica blog.

What will be the structure/agenda of a Master Class?
Every Master Class will start with me performing a tune that I pick from suggestions from the Effortless Harmonica blog readers. I will also share my ideas and approaches with you related to that specific tune. You can drop your suggested tune at this page: http://www.effortlessharmonica.com/harmonica-how-to-play/your-input/suggest-a-topic/ After that, the master class will focus on specific Effortless Harmonica topics that are on the agenda for that class. The agenda of the master classes will soon be available at the Effortless Harmonica blog.

When will the Master Classes take place?
I’ve planned to do Master Classes for two different time zones. One that suites North America, Canada and South America and another that suites Western Europe. But, I’m interested to know from you what days (working days or weekends) are preferable! If in the weekends, what part of the day would be best?
Please comment to this post to let me know about your ideas, if you think these master classes could be interesting for you, every idea is welcome!

Feel free to visit the blog and leave your notes and comments there.


Warm regards,

Wim Dijkgraaf

- I’ll do a test Master Class soon and that will be for free! (updates on this through the Effortless Harmonica blog)
- Check out the FAQs at http://www.stageit.com for more details about watching online shows
- If you are intersted in private Skype lessons, please contact me at info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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