[Harp-L] "Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down" with One Ton Pig up on hunterharp.com

I've added clips of my first and second solos with One Ton Pig on this Merle Haggard tune, recorded live at the Silver Dollar in Jackson WY on August 2 2011, to my site at hunterharp.com. (I may put up a clip of the whole tune if I can get the file size down far enough.)  You can hear them at:


These solos were played on a Suzuki Manji harp in D in 1st and 2nd positions.  The harp is going through a Fireball mic straight into the PA, no FX except a little reverb.  The recordings have been normalized for maximum volume, but otherwise haven't been edited. 

This was a fun night with a fine band, and everyone involved had a great time.  Enjoy.

Regards, Richard Hunter 

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