[Harp-L] real deal harp

>  I just threw out all my harps as the harmonica world obviously ended
>> in 1973.  I, nor any of my friends, stood a chance.  Good news is, I
>> can pawn off all my gear and take the family out to dinner.  I also
>> went ahead and threw out any CDs or mp3s I had with harp on them that
>> weren't from before June 15, 1973.  No way anything worth a crap
>> happened in harmonica in the last 38 years.
Dang.  A guy likes a tune and goes maybe a bit overboard in his praise of
the performance.  Everyone has jumped on him like a flock of mandolin
players, except there has been no one to match that of the rath of the
Mandolin Cafe members.  Those guys get nuts over nothing.

You all ain't crap to a mando player that has a different opinion!!!

Oh, yeah.  Mike, you can ship all that stuff you threw out with my loF.  ;-)

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