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I was totally kidding around with my comments.  I thought it was over the
top enough for others to get the sarcasm.  Sorry.
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On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 8:50 PM, david robbins <drobbins5658@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> You've taken my James Cotton quote out of context and have missed my point.
> The quote was never "the best a harp player can get".
> What I said was "the best a harp player can get in an attempt to touch an
> audience"
> So you have actually left out the most important part.
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>  I just threw out all my harps as the harmonica world obviously ended
>> in 1973.  I, nor any of my friends, stood a chance.  Good news is, I
>> can pawn off all my gear and take the family out to dinner.  I also
>> went ahead and threw out any CDs or mp3s I had with harp on them that
>> weren't from before June 15, 1973.  No way anything worth a crap
>> happened in harmonica in the last 38 years.
>> On Aug 3, 7:27 pm, Mojo Red <harpli...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Yeah. Rocket 88 is a baddass song, and Cotton delivers the goods as only
>>> he
>>> could.
>>> Still, it's such a pleasure to work with equipment that doesn't fight you
>>> (as
>>> Cotton was dealing with onstage). I respectfully submit that this
>>> performance
>>> would have been that much BETTER if he had used a custom setup. This was
>>> a
>>> real-deal performance fer sure. But Cotton has always preferred his own
>>> feedback-prone approach to playing directly into the PA (which
>>> he admittedly kills).
>>> Still... suggesting that "this is the best a harp player can strive to
>>> get" is
>>> utter nonsense. I think a lot of harp players touch their audience deeply
>>> using
>>> a variety of approaches to gear. Look at Madcat Ruth. Look at Dennis
>>> Gruenling.
>>> Look at Jason Ricci. Look at PT Gazell. Look at Howard Levy. Look at
>>> Frédéric
>>> Yonnet. Look at Adam Gussow, Wade Schuman, Brendan Power, Joeland Rick
>>> Epping. All of these guys regularly make a deep connection to their
>>> audience
>>> through their harp and performing abilities. Each uses a different
>>> approach to
>>> gear. Each is amazing.
>>> Leave some room in your harp-centric worldview for variety. You certainly
>>> don't
>>> NEED 20th century technology to make that connection. You DO need chops,
>>> jutzpah, talent and an ability to speak through your instrument.
>>> Harpin' in Colorado,
>>> --Ken M.
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>>> Subject: [Harp-L] real deal harp
>>> Hey, check out this video:http://www.****
>>> cotton-blues-band/video<>.
>>> No overblows, no
>>> overdraws, no fancy technical licks, no crazy position changes, plain and
>>> simple simple 2nd position, no custom harmonicas, no custom amps, no
>>> custom
>>> mics, no effects processors, obviously no feedback control. Just great
>>> music
>>> played by a real-deal harp player, musician and entetainer. This is the
>>> best a
>>> harp player can strive to get, in an attempt to touch an audience. Blues
>>> or
>>> otherwise.

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