[Harp-L] A festival in France, friendship over the sea and harmonicas...

Here are two small videos made for the first by Jean-Michel Reynaud (France) to make you feel about the ambiance in one of the two best french Harmonicas festivals : St Aignan sur Cher (Harmonicas sur Cher) taking place every year the week end of the Ascencion.


And the second, I love it also because after its first visit in St Aignan, Roger Trobridge made it (Its an example of the friendship around the world due to this small instrument ;)...). 
Finaly I think that's a good way to get people discover about some festival in some place and perhaps decide them to come more often :) ... Myself I amgoing to Bristol in October, and perhaps to SPAH in one or two years :)


I try to maintain some list of links to festivals taking place every year or on regular periods (If you have some link to help me discover some all over the world...would be great)

Thank you :) ...

Patrice Rayon


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