[Harp-L] '53 Bronson Amplifier

Back in '05, there was some chatter regarding a 1953 Bronson amplifier that Dennis "Mr Microphone" Oellig had at his booth during the Buckeye convention. Much ballyhoo was raised about the excellent tone of this sweet little amp. Well, I can attest to the accuracy of those statements as well as the absolute wonderful tone from that amplifier, for I was the snake that bought it from Dennis. After using it (and loving it) for the last six years, I'm reluctantly considering putting it up for sale. I just had a tech give it a going over and it still sounds like a dream. My collection of small but sweet tube amps is growing (needlessly, according to my lovely wife) and I figure this gem would bring the best return. If any of you are interested in checking it out, and will be in the VA Beach area, I will be at SPAH next week and will have the amp with me. If it doesn't sell there, it may wind up on ebay or craig's list, though I'd really like to see it go to
 a "good home", if you know what I mean. Name's Charlie, BTW. I'll be the knucklehead with the harmonica. Peace. 

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