[Harp-L] cost of gear...?

Steve's post gives us some perspective...on gear cost..Which translates to value of the dollar/our time/the money structure....i think a larger picture might include...
my first harmonica cost around $2.25(at Grinnells Bros < http://buildingsofdetroit.com/places/grinnell >) ...the  minimum wage was $1.25 in 1962. ...Seems wages, most particularly for the low wage earner,  have not keep pace with  cost increases. This is most vexing in light of some DC gasbag telling us that the low priced items at Wal-mart are like a  wage increase. I'm remembering that the allure of blues and the harp were for me a reaction to the powerlessness and frustration with ' the powers that be '.....seem like only a few yesterdays ago...1966 (When "Hoodoo Blues" came out and I learned to bend low notes and play octaves ). 

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