Re: [Harp-L] MS Blows!

Hi Rob!!
Thanks for the note and the blessings!
Good friends help to cure!
I am so pleased and happy to have the
stellar players on MS Blows! and I think the record 
sounds really good.
I am hanging in and can still ROCK.
This may not be the end and I may call on you too Rob
for MS Blows! Some More!
I hope all is well.
Love,Peace, Music, and FOOD,

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I so sorry sorry to hear about this and can't wait to check this recording 
out....what a line up!

Godspeed and hope we can catch up soon my friend...thanks for all you do...

Rob Paparozzi

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Subject: [Harp-L] MS Blows!

> Hello Harmonica Friends,
> Not everyone knows but now I will let everyone know that I have Multiple 
> Sclerosis.
> MS has made my life worse in many ways. I am taking it all in stride and 
> am much better than previous years when I couldn't go to my SPAH and see 
> all my friends and teach.
> It is my friends, and in particular, my Harmonica friends who have managed 
> to help keep me cheerful. Some very well known friends have given a track 
> to my new recording.
> It is a Harmonica MS benefit CD entitled MS Blows! and is all done and at 
> the printers.
> it can be seen here-
> or
> Thank you to all the luminaries who helped by giving a track It has a lot 
> of variety but sounds great if i may say so.
> Thank you friends,
> Jimmy Gordon

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