[Harp-L] Re: Bill Barrett- Jason Ricci super jam IN HOLLAND

"Ben Bouman" wrote:
<During my monthly Harmonica Heaven in de Muse in Malden ( www.accordeonmuseum.nl)  <had the privilege of bringing Bill Barrett , Michael Gomez and Jason Ricci to 
<de Muse for a meet and greet, jam etc..
<Martin Hills ( Anne Maarten van Heuvelen) sat in on his vintage ( 1890 !!) double <bass ..
<All listeners were smashed by the mini-concert. These guys rocked the house with >the fun they had on stage.
<Here are 2 videos ( more to come soon )
<and :

Great stuff, very interesting to hear the two approaches.  Love Barrett's chording on the chromatic, jason's bursts of notes.  

Thanks for putting this up.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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