[Harp-L] Re: Cm6/D6 diatonic harmonica tuning

I posted a couple of days ago about this Cm6/D6 tuning I dreamed up--
After posting to this list and making a video for YouTube, I realized it was
a variation on Magic Dick's Magic Bop Band, a tuning I have made in all 12
keys (and more--I probably have 20 harps tuned to that, not to mention the
chromatic slide versions).
Tonight I spent a few minutes with it again, and it really is a convenient
way to be able to play in all 12 keys without overblows--try playing along
with the TV sometime . . .
But what is really cool is the blue third in cross harp--think of this as
D7, the Eb on hole allows for a large bend on hole 2, yer blue note . . .
You don't get that big bend on Magic Bop (you do of course on Richter--I
find third position even better for that--hole 2 draw).
The G notes are easy to get too. G is blow, B and D are draw.
The A chord can pose problems, as the E must be created with a draw bend
(the C# too), but heck, for blues, watta ya want for nothing, rubber biscuit
. . .
The C note (b7 for the D) is a blow note, right next to the Eb--that *IS *an
avoid note, but that diad is a minor third interval, always pleasing (!) and
over the D chord would be the b7 and b9--call it jazz and play it twice if
you mess up.
Just more notes on a cool tuning for anyone interested in a variation--sure
enough, I didn't invent this one, it's based on someone else's tuning.

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