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Does anyone know who plays the amazingly sinuous riff in the
harp solo at the end of the trailer for the movie? Even my
wife, hearing it from the next room, wants to know: if I
could learn to play 1/10 that well, I'd finally be worth
having those Lee Oskars under my driver's seat.


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You're kidding? Perhaps you've been looking in the wrong  areas for
information ;)

Many of us here are signed up to _
( Once you're on the mailing list you'll be
personally updated via email.

In the left margin click on Revolution Harmonica - to get the updates
we've been privy to all along.

There were several screenings in Houston with Jason Ricci and New Blood
opening the shows for the Movie. It should all be in the archives here...

Unfortunately, some of us live just a wee bit too far away to get there -
and can't wait until it gets into theatres nearer our homes.

I had a lovely chat with Todd in Denver when he took a rare break to sit
and catch a breath... watched him filming many of the performances - and then
screening a lot of the 'in the Can' footage for those interested at SPAH,

You can also buy a DVD (with a package deal including a T-Shirt if you'd
prefer) from their store...which has out takes from the movie showing a lot
of the same info: tons of great stuff - behind the scenes interviews with
some wonderful harmonica players. I've been enjoying mine for well over a
year, now.

As a documentary I imagine it's tough to get it into theatres for
distribution. Everything takes money and connections. But you can ask those
questions directly of Marc and Todd. They're both exceedingly nice guys who
spent years of their lives putting this film together...which reminds me that I
have a couple of fairly decent photos of Todd filming Jason onstage at
SPAH in Denver I should get out to them.


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You're kidding, right? This film is finally out? I've been looking for it
since it was announced! Once in a while I seen posts here, at Modern
Harmonica Blues, Harmonica Space and elsewhere by others that are also wondering
where it went.

If you know where it can be seen, please post the info ASAP. I know that
I'll be risking a speeding ticket the day I find out!

Love is the music of  life;
Compassion is its melody.
- Don Peer  (  o)==#

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