[Harp-L] Charlie

I am glad a good number of people got to hear and see Charlie playing  the 
Cruncher. He now has a road case and will be taking it with him to Europe,  
as well as having me build him an Avenger for the states.. Thanks to all 
that  attended the Avenger/Cruncher demo in San Jose. They did amp trials each 
night  and I was told that the Cruncher and Harpking of all amps were the 
top two after  a couple of nights. The Avemger was not at those trials. Gary  
Smith came by and played the Avenger quite a bit, and we are hoping to have  
sound and video of him playing. I also re-did my Cruncher, Avenger and 
company  introduction as well as demo'd each amp..I saw many existing customers 
which was  nice to see finally people in person rather than just email.. 
Thank you to  Charlie and all of you who made contact... 
Sincerely, Sonny Jr. 

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