[Harp-L] Re: Alternate Tunings for Mini-Harps

Hello, Nail.
Years ago, Huang made a "Mini-Cross" harp in G mixolydian (G-G, F instead  
of F#). It's like the first 4 holes of a 14-hole slide chromatic, in 
spelling,  but the octave is much higher: As far as I know, it's discontinued.
Large letters blow, small letters draw:
Hole:          1       2       3     4
            || G a |  B  c | D e | f  G ||
In the Hering 2004 catalog, their mini-harp is listed in either C or A,  
your choice, solo system note placement.
I once received two key of A mini-harps from the great slide chromatic  
legend Harry Bee. I had bought a recording of him in performance, and he sent  
the mini-harps as a nice gift, with the recording. They looked like F.A. 
Farrell  mini-harps, with Harry Bee's name on the covers.
John Broecker

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