Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Jimmy Rogers lyrics

You're very welcome, Miguel. Many thanks too, to Bob Maglinte who verified  
their accuracy.
I neglected to add to the previous post that one of the reasons I  think 
you had such difficulty tracking down the lyrics in print form was that  
wherever I looked there seemed to be a very strict copyright on most of Mr.  
Rogers' work (a/k/a James A. Lane - his real name..Rogers was his  stepfather's 
Anyone who wants to record this particular song (or have themselves  
recorded playing it - which would probably include video and audio recordings?)  
would need to contact the Harry Fox Agency which has been mentioned several  
times recently here as the holder of most song copyrights.
I gave you the lyrics primarily because I so dislike the butchering of  not 
only language but the original intent of a singer/songwriter :) The  
responsibility of making sure you dot all the i's and cross all the t's rests  
with you and anyone else here who now thinks it'd be cool to add the song to  
their repertoire. 
Fair warning. ;)
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Wow, Elizabeth,  amazing work!!!

I think it's exactly the way you got it. Hal Iwan also  sent me his lyrics  
for this song, and they match with  yours.

Seems that my (dirty) mind played a trick on me, for I heard  "meanless"  
instead of "knee length"... I imagined a shorter  mini-skirt, lol

Thanks a lot for your  help!!



El 25/05/2010 11:50, EGS1217@xxxxxxx  escribió:

> Okay, Miguel: I got as many of the lyrics as I could from  the YouTube
> video, typing along with Jimmy Rogers' singing...but it was  well-night
> impossible to hear them clearly from the video. I found a  link to the CD,
> and a short clip from the song...luckily it had just the  line you were  
> having
> difficulty with, so after playing it  back at LEAST a dozen times I think 
> I've
> solved it.  :)

...but would hope anyone else would give it a try too, of  course,
> especially if they know these lyrics aren't entirely accurate.  They're 
> last few words in the brief audio clip for "You're  Sweet':

Here  they are as best as I can decipher.

>From Bob Maglinte:
I kinda waited to chime in on this, as I actually played with  Jimmy Rogers 
on the road, and Elizabeth has those lyrics correct. It was always  one of 
my favorite tunes of his. She just beat me to the punch in filling in the  
gaps here. 
Barbeque Bob Maglinte" 
Boston, MA
_http://www.barbequebob.com_ ( 
CD  available at _ 

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