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Thank you for posting that link. It's great to sit back and watch this stuff. There has been considerable national media exposure over the past few months. Brad has really learned how to work with the media.
This kind of thing has implications far beyond Harrison Harmonicas. I don't care what harmonica you like, this kind of exposure is good for everyone of us who loves the harmonica. When was the last time our beloved instrument received national exposure like this?  I don't know where all this will lead, but I can say that doubtless new people will want to pick up the instrument. I was inspired to start playing by something so fleeting as Charles Bronson in "Once Upon a Time in the West," which I was glad to see a clip of in that segment, and I'm sure some folks will see that and take up our wonderful instrument. 
If we want to see any kind of resurgence in popularity like what we saw in the 1930s, we have to inject harmonica enthusiasm into the culture like they did back then... Brad took a lesson from that and created an instrument specifically to attract new players... Back then, they also had the harmonica out front in society, contests on the street corners, kids playing in parks, etc. That's what we as community need to do, and we younger players should display some of that enthusiasm that our elders did when they were young and be friendly, enthusiastic, willing to help. We can recapture some of that magic and turn it into something new for our generation.


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I couldn't find a link to the Harrison Harmonicas piece on the  CBS site.  
The full video is posted on Jay Gaunt's YouTube  page.  No need to dig 
around, it currently loads that video when you  follow the link below.  Harp-l 
often doubles the links some of us  post, watch for that before pasting in 
into your browser.    .  

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Christopher Richards - Twin Tone Harmonica  Microphones 

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