[Harp-L] Avenger

Just to expand on my previous post.
In my opinion, Gary makes a superior product, and is a straight forward guy to deal with.
I recently got the Avenger and have played thorugh it with wide mix of other musicians, both Blues and Rock, with great results.
This amp looses no tone at lower volume levels when doing lighter numbers.
If anyone has trouble with any hand techniques, then this amp is not the issue.
I had absolutely no problem using hand wah's or hand vibrato with this amp, these techniques are matter of mic to hand size relation ship along with cupping technique, anyway.
I have done both with several different mics, JT30 from Chuck Gurney, Turners from Soony Jr, and some custom shells from Fritz the Harpmic Man.
I like all theses mics for different qualities in different songs and situations. Strictly speaking of hand wah's, I find the Turners from Sonny Jr the easiest as they fit my hand a little bit better for the hand wah's.
Not to belabor the obvious, but ahnd techniques while playing amplified are obviously a matter of technique and fit, not a matter of what amp is used.
The hand can be muddied if this amp has the Bass turned too high, but it is still there.
Any amp is NOT a substitute for thechnique or ability, it is simply a tool.
When I work around the house, I like to use the best tools I can afford, and in my opinion, the Avenger is the best amp (tool) I can afford.
Thanks Gary


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