[Harp-L] a tribute to Charles Leighton

I just got this link from GSHC President, Val Redler, two weeks ago was our SPRING FLING
Phil Caltabelotta has an idea, since this was Charlie's favorite tune to END the imfamous TUES AFTERNOON Jams in NYC at Leighton's pad!

Phil Playing, Chops and Tone are OFF THE WALL on this....

That day I also sang for Dennis Gruenling and I also did a mini set on Chrom & Diatonic,...so maybe more is on the way from Val & Co.

Kudos to Enrico and Trumpets Jazz Club for Hosting the GSHC event and thanx to all that came out to support it!!! I wanna see that Hands Free Video too....

"I Can't Give You Anything But Love" (Rob & Phil C) for Charles Leighton

Rob Paparozzi

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