[Harp-L] Harpers Visiting NY

I wanted to give a shameless plug for a good friend on mine in New Jersey, who opened a Blues Club (not because they have a Rob Paparozzi Cheesburger on the menu!,-)

But because I grew up in The town of Linden, NJ where he opened it. Linden is only a short 25 minute train ride from NYC and just minutes from the Newark/NY Intl Airport.

Every Wed Nite is NO COVER and an open BLUES Jam hosted by Guitarist Dean Shot and if you sign up he WILL get you up to play.

Linden an industrial town was home to Esso/Exxon Refinery, GM General Motors Plant, Gordons Gin !!!
This club is about a block away from the Oil Tanks of EXXON!!! in lovely downtown LINDEN. It's only 5 minutes from Staten Island too.

When I'm home and off the road I always have a place to play, jam or just HANG....so if your ever in the hood c'mon down and say hi to Robin & Eric of ROBIN'S NEST RHYTHM AND BLUES.  NJ's only "Jook Joint".... Tell 'em you know Rob P and you'll be in like "Flynn",-)

Here's a Promo I did for him and it's my CROSS HARP version of:

SHame Shame Shame (Slyvia Robinson)......now let me finish packing my flight to Europe is in a few hrs!!



Rob Paparozzi

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