[Harp-L] Sonny Jr 410 For Sale - Reduced Price!


Sonny Jr. 410, like new only mo betta'. Fresh/top notch servicing and upgrading/installation of new parts in April 2010 by one of the top amp techs in Portland.

Extras include new Mercury Magnetic OT, PT('58 Fat Stack) and Choke. Almost no time on them, recently installed.

Top speakers are a REAL Gold Frame Jensen P10R re-coned by Neal and a new Weber smooth cone 10A125 with H cap. Bottom speakers are two ceramic Eminence 1058's for a bigger low end.

Will also throw in an almost complete set of paper in oil caps. One was used with the above servicing.

Gigged only a handful of times. Amp is in PERFECT condition, no issues. Gorgeous lacquered tweed, no tears, nicks or rubs.

And the sound… well, it's absolutely KILLA. You WILL be heard with a fat, full rich sound that projects. Power, touch, projection and dripping with tone, this beauty turns heads… and ears… wherever she goes.

These amps are no longer in production and are highly revered, and have the reputation of being one of the top harp amps ever manufactured.

Was $1600, now $1400 plus shipping. Ship is original heavy-duty custom box. Comes with a brown Tuki cover and patch/channel bridging cord.

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