[Harp-L] Harrison harmonicas on CBS Sunday morning

Just watched a segment on CBS Sunday Morning devoted to Harrison harmonicas, GREAT promo for Brad and the harmonica, nice shot of Michael Peloquin (who appeared, unidentified, in a duo performance with Brad), great promo as well for Jay Gaunt, who played several pieces superbly, and was focused and articulate in describing why better instruments matter.  (I thought Jay was 17, the show described him as 15?  Oh well, two years isn't much compared to the life of a glacier...)

Brad did a great job of making the point that the harmonica is a serious instrument that's well worth the devotion of the players and the instrument makers. The overall tone of the piece was very respectful.

Kudos to Brad for pulling this off.  Brad, whatever you're paying those PR guys, it's money well spent. 

Anyone who didn't see it this AM can almost certainly see it soon on CBS's website.

Regards, Richard Hunter 

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