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Just a quick follow-up to mention that I've written a longer review of the
concert on my music blog (as is fitting, I guess):

It's here:



Le 20 mai 2010 23:58, Benoît FELTEN <benoit.felten@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Last Tuesday, about 20 harmonica players gathered in Paris for a special
> concert by Jean-Jacques Milteau. It was supposed to happen a month ago, just
> after his 60th birthday, but because of the ash cloud JJ was stuck abroad
> and had to cancel the concert that was planned.
> (That was good news for me incidentally, since I was abroad on the original
> date and wouldn't have been able to attend).
> The concert was special but JJ didn't know it. The 20 of us gathered and
> pooled money to buy him a memorable birthday gift, namely a bottle of
> Scottish whisky made on the year he was born.
> And we were all at the concert to celebrate the birthday of a man who has
> done more than anyone for our instrument in France and elsewhere.
> It was truly a magical concert, with all these erstwhile students or
> admirers of his (some now pros in their own rights like Greg Zlap or Thierry
> Crommen) in attendence. I like to think that JJ was moved and as a
> consequence played particularly fine harmonica that night. The music was
> amazing, the spirits (of a non-alcoholic variety) were high.
> I made a lot of photos, and if you care to put faces to many of the names I
> (and other French harp players) may have mentioned on the list over the
> years, you can check out these photos.
> The best shot is available here:
> http://apprentiphotographe.com/2010/05/photo-jeanjacques-milteau-20100518.html
> If you want more, you can find a link there to my flickr account with all
> the pictures from the evening.
> Truly a moment to remember that I'm moved of having been a part of.
> --
> Benoît FELTEN (http://twitter.com/fiberguy)
> www.fiberevolution.com
> www.musicalramblings.com
> www.apprentiphotographe.com

Benoît FELTEN (http://twitter.com/fiberguy)

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