[Harp-L] Re: No Chrome Boys allowed

>Sorry Danny no Chromatics Players are allowed on Harp-L,-) 

What, No Chrome Boys allowed on Harp_L ? 
Tell me it ain't so (lol)

>Just Kidding Of course, sorry to hear that, 
>I hope it wasn't some irrate
 >Short Harper that hacked them!,-) Seriously tho, that is a total drag and 
>hopefully they'll be up & running again....
>you are all welcome here!

When SM got hacked, AJ asked me to let people know.
I see that he's almost ready to go back online now but what better way
 to reach allot of players and spread the word than posting on Harp_L ?

>Hope all is well and congrats on a great job at Buckeye, I heard many good 
>things and sorry I couldn't be there.
>Rob Paparozzi

Thanks Rob
The best thing about this years Buckeye is that we will get another chance 
to do it again next year. 
Take care,

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Slidemeister got hacked and will be down for awhile

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