[Harp-L] Wood Combs for Bushman, Big River

My company, harpcase.com, is venturing out beyond harmonica cases and is now
experimenting with custom wood combs. www.harpcombs.com

These combs are cut with a precision CNC machine, perfectly sanded, then
sealed with bees wax, then the outside edge of the comb is treated with a
non toxic lacquer.

We have sold out of Golden Melody Combs, SP 20 and Lee Oskar. I have a
handful of Bushman Delta Frost and Big River. I would like to get more
feedback on these combs and wanted to see if any of you were interested in
trying them out. Ronnie Shellist has a few SP20 combs on the way and he is
going to be reviewing them on his site soon.

If you are interested, combs are $20 each, free shipping in the US.


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