[Harp-L] Finally found that sound I've been looking for - bluegrass chromatic

I've been looking for about three years for a certain type of sound in bluegrass on a chromatic harmonica. Notes like you would hear on a really fast Bill Monroe mandolin solo, only, again, on a harmonica. It's what I wanted to play from Day One on the chromatic. It would be nice of course, to hear somebody else do it and pick up some pointers. Thus, I looked. Finally, I found.
Where I found it surprised the hell out of me. Now I knew that Dom and Tony Sgro had gone through this country phase and they played on the Grand Ol' Opry back in the 70s. They joking say they are the only Italians to play the Grand Ol' Opry.
I found and bought this 45 record on Ebay of the Sgro Brothers doing "Steel Guitar Rag," on NRS Records of Nashville for $3 or something. It is incredible. I definitely got my money's worth. The song is like something they'd play during a chase scene in "The Dukes of Hazzard." The sound is a Charlie McCoy-type sound and I think most people would probably think it were McCoy doing it. It's as if Charlie McCoy, instead of playing the Old Standbys back then, had an XB-40 AND one of the best 48 chord harmonica players ever backing him up.  I love it!


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