[Harp-L] Subject: Re: SPAH info

Regarding people wanting to know about SPAH and the 2010 lineup, etc...I  
guess it bears repeating that those who join up with SPAH -  i.e. pay  yearly 
dues (gets you a laminated SPAH ID card with your own personal  
registration number), which then entitles you to quarterly copies of Harmonica  
Happenings - the SPAH Newsletter, which is a most excellent publication with  
articles and informative info not only about the Annual Convention, but other  
harmonica matters. 
Sissy Jones writes an article from a Hohner Harp Pro Tech viewpoint on how  
to maintain your instrument (always excellent).
This issue concludes Charles Spranklin's article/memorial for Charlie  
Leighton and Leighton's Leightons. 
Other people you might know from harp-l and Slidemeister contribute  
Your registration 'package' will then arrive in the mail (as mine did) a  
few days ago...along with the latest copy of the afore-mentioned Harmonica  
Happenings. You have the choice of opting to register for the Convention 
online  or via regular mail.
The Annual Convention issue of Harmonica Happenings is huge and includes  
photos and articles of the Convention along with lists of sponsors,  vendors, 
teachers, harmonica clubs, music societies across the world,  attendees, 
etc. and is especially fun for those who've attended.
Well worth joining SPAH since it keeps one 'in the loop' and the dues paid  
helps keep those issues coming, and SPAH viable. While it's optimum to sign 
 up in January (for the year), it's certainly not too late to join.  
Even if you don't plan to attend the Convention, it's still a neat club to  


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