Subject: Re: [Harp-l] Home made instruments (Ocarinas)

Hey  George:
Well, no one can say they can't make an 8-hole instrument. EVERYone can get 
 an egg. Well, you might have to have a power drill and a steady  hand as 
well ;)
This is a new link from him:
Egg Ocarina
I got a huge kick out of his comment part-way through ('I got hungry so I  
made an omelet') since that's my thought least the raw materials 
won't  go to waste, especially if it's lunchtime. 
This is too cool, and I could just see a whole bunch of kids making an  
'orchestra' of egg ocarinas.....(with an extremely patient teacher and a  LOT 
of broken eggs/omelettes into the bargain.  
I really dig this guy......he's doing something innovative and  absolute 
fun. It might what some think of as corny (and no, I'm not sure he's  tried a 
corn-cob .....yet), but it shows you can make music from almost  ANYthing.
This is a link to his main site:
_ ( 
...and here he actually plays a very cool Xmas carol on BROCCOLI, lol 
I didn't realize his carrot 'panpipe' was only rudimentary in the previous  
link...there's another showing it more developed with real sound.
He then posts a link to a vegetable-instrument playing duo I think he found 
 out about...he didn't know beforehand that he was 'imitating' them, so 
then  adapted his own 'carrot ocarina' to copy their way of holding it 
together: Their  site's in English and gives more technical info.
_ ( 
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Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 06:28:36 -0400
From: George Miklas  <harmonicat@xxxxxxxxx>
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That  is really neat!

On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 9:55 PM, <EGS1217@xxxxxxx>  wrote:

> The answer for those who believe wood and metal   harmonicas are too
> expensive:
> just buy a few groceries,  make some music,  then mangia!
> :)
>  _  
>  Elizabeth


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