[Harp-L] Leap Frog -- the origianal charts for Juke

Most of you now know that Little Walter"s "Juke" was based on the 1941 
"Leap Frog" composed by   Joe Garland.

If you want to check it out, you can go to:


You need to have a free program called Scorch on the computer (PC & Mac) to 
read the music. Musicnotes.com sells digital downloads for $5+ each. This 
program also allows you to listen to a fragment of the music. And you can 
transpose (change key) before you buy. 

For video: check out
"Leap Frog" by Les Brown and His Band of Renown, from The Nutty Professor 
with   Jerry Lewis as the Nutty Professor   at:


hope this helps

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