Re: [Harp-L] Tabs for overblows?

If you're using up and down arrows for breath, you can draw a circle through the shaft of the arrow for an overblow.

In the tab font Fletch, I indicated bends by drawing a diagonal slash through the arrow shaft, with one slash per semitone of bend.

For overblows and overdraws, I draw a circle through the arrow shaft, and if the overblow is bend up in pitch, I add little slashes to the edge of the circle, again one slash per semitone. It ends up looking like a speared cocktail onion wearing buckskin.

For more on Fletch:


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  Dear List,
  Can someone shed light on how overblows are depicted
  in harp tabs? The song- Flying Home by Dennis
  Gruenling in the CD album- History of the Blues
  Harmonica Concert- has some of that on a Ab harp for
  an Eb tune.

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