[Harp-L] charlie

Here is the latest and only thing Charlie knows about the show:
Here's what I could find out about NYC with Cyndi:

Sunday, May  23
"The show is LIVE TELEVISION and starts at 9:00PM. Cyndi and you guys  
perform between 10:30 and 11:00PM."

This is directly from Cyndi's people  and now you know ALL that I know 
about The Appretice TV show. I hope this helps.  -Charlie

*************  Just to make it clear, my price for the Cruncher of  $1495 
that includes a complete extra package for variety will stand, my price  will 
stay as long as my build costs stay, which are quite high. I  appreciate 
all the wonderful reviews and personal one on one emails that is part  of the 
customer service for life you get with one of my amps. I am NOT getting  
involved in any other discussion lists as things have not changed for some  
people, no matter what I do, so all I am focusing on is continuing to make the  
best product I can for you all.. I look forward to this weekend coming up 
at the  Crowne Plaza where you can hear and play both amps.. The two amps I 
am bringing  to the show will be discounted to a price that you should grab, 
as I do not want  to ship them back.. See you there... SJ

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