[Harp-L] re: Breaking-in

I just sent away for a 5-pack of Seydel 1847 silvers. I generally use Sp20s, but I've enjoyed the one 1847 silver that I presently own more than any other harp I've tried, and I felt like I deserved a present from myself.
Anyway, having read Vern's comments below, and not being a metallurgist, is breaking-in a good idea for the stainless steel reeds? If so, what would be the recommended break-in method?
>Surely you do not claim that there is something exceptional about harmonica reeds >that exempt them from the properties of brass or bronze.

>There is an effect called "coaxing" that occurs in iron and mild steel but not in non->ferrous alloys.  A long period of cycling at low stress followed by long periods of >increased stress at successively higher levels can increase fatigue life.  However >those conditions are not met by harmonica break-in because the reeds are not mild >steel, the break-in period is short, and there are no successive long periods of >gradually increasing stress.  

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