[Harp-L] 5F2A replacement

I gig with a vintage White (5F2A Princeton) amplifier. I've always been disturbed that this particularly rare version has been transformed from VG condition to well used. Every gig takes a toll. The last year or so I've been using a bicycle trailer to haul it to gigs. The rattling around has not been kind. The last couple of gigs I've had to fuss it back into life because tubes had partially disengaged from their 50 plus year old sockets. I think It's time to move to a modern more robust version of this amplifier. As much as I hate to abandon the aesthetic it's killing me to rattle this amplifier to death. What I'm looking for is pretty much a dead knock off of this amplifier with a more robust board. Maybe a mil spec turreted board instead of the Fender style eyeletted fiber boards. Modern tight tube sockets would also be nice. Any consensus of opinion regarding who makes a good 5F2A clone? I'd stick with the 8" speaker. The Weber Signature 8 is so close to the original Oxford 8 EV there isn't much point in trying to source an original and I don't really need a 10. thanks for any tips, fjm

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