[Harp-L] Need Help Identifying Antique Harp

Hi everyone!


My wife picked me up a really cool looking old harp at an antique store.  It
probably has something to do with the purse she bought.but that's a story
for another time. Lol.


Anyhow, I'm new to this.  I've never seen anything other than a diatonic or
a chromatic in real life.  The description of this harp is below.  Any
guesses on what it is, or how much it's worth would be appreciated.  And no,
it's not for sale. Lol.  I just want to see how much she paid for the purse.


I've searched the internet and asked a few friends, but haven't been able to
come up with anything yet.  If anyone wants to see pics of it, email me and
I'll either send them or post them to my writing site.


The markings on one side say "Eagle Brand" and "Made in Germany"

The other side says "Royal Concerto"

It's got an old, somewhat decorative wood comb.  2 rows of 16 holes on each
side.  Front and back. (32 per side/key)

The comb extends more than an inch past the metal (nickel?) case on either

The comb measures  7.25" long, by 2.25" wide.  The harp itself is almost .75
inches thick.


Here's where the cool factor comes in, for me at least.  The air exits the
top and bottom of the case.  One side is key of B, and the other side, as if
you were blowing into the back of a diatonic, is key of F.  The sound of
this harp is *incredible*.  It seems to have a very sweet tremolo or vibrato
when playing the few chords I've tried on it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!



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