Re: [Harp-L] Are homemade Copper rivets safe ?

On May 13, 2010, at 12:03 PM, harmoniman@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I saw a video on U-tube where the guy is using 14 gauge copper wire instead of screws to secure his replacement reeds.

Copper is softer than brass. In time, the copper will swage itself loose. He would have been better off with brass or bronze canoe brads. I have often used paper clips as rivets. Also the tap nails for lady's spike heel shoes. Or nails from the hobby shop for making plank on frame sailing ship models.

Knowing what acids and minerals can do to copper pipe, I wonder what saliva would do to it.

7 out of 8 are slightly alkaline. The other 1 (me) are slightly acetic. The ph factors are way too low to affect the metals. If your ph were that high (or low), you would already be (for lack of a better word) embalmed.

I thought of aluminum wire but I do not know if that would be compatible with brass.

Alum is almost the worst thing you can put next to brass. Alum develops a cottage cheesey corrosion and in a way, forms a weak battery. Alum is not good around hostile moisture unless anodized ( a 2 system coating oppopsed to a three system coating). . And that usually doesn't work for long.


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